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no_happy_here69's Journal

2 December 1991
Let the wind blow
& let the birds sing

soon we'll all be gone
but nature's music will forever ring.

Call me D4N.
I am a strange creature, I am real.
There are many forms of my being.

Open minded is the name of my game.
Im random
I rant.

I have serious issues.
have a nice day

“My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.”
-Jack Kerouac-

D4N is not a computer, but she'll give u her specs:
dob: december 2nd, 1992.
born in : arequipa, peru
one brother
two parents
living in miami Lima, Peru.
Missing her Friends, Family and Life in Miami. A LOT.

-her newly gained sobriety
-making jewelry
-rusty stuff
-pilot ink pens
-black and white
-speaking french

-bad boyfriends
-ppl who take things too seriously

D4N is:
-extremely open minded
-crazy fun
-a procrastinator
-the worst speller alive
-fluent in Spanish and (semi fluent in)French
-pretty weird
-a potato :)

D4N = awesomeness
D4N = a girl. yes yes. i know dan is a guys name, get over it. i have long hair, i wear dresses, and i don't have a penis.